Seminar Nasional Kimia 2020

Peranan Ilmu Kimia dan Pendidikan Dalam Mengantisipasi Situasi dan Kondisi Pandemik COVID-19 Menuju Era Tatanan Kehidupan Baru



The development of technology recently brings the world to an era of industrial revolution 4.0. Based on the roadmap of making Indonesia 4.0, the Ministry of Industry set up the priority of developing five manufacturing sectors to support national economic growth.   Those sectors are food and beverage, textile and clothing, automotive, electronic, and chemical industries. The chemical industry plays a prominent role as they are the basic manufacture whose products are widely used by other sectors such as electronics, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. Qualified and skilled human resources in the chemistry field will increase the competitiveness and structure of the chemical industry which are expected to build the national manufacturing industries in a global area.


Development of qualified and skilled human resources in the chemistry field cannot be separated from the three major components in the competency development in this 21st century, that are thinking components, including critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving; acting components including communication, collaboration, digital literacy and technology literacy; and initiative components, including self-direction, global understanding, and social responsibility. Chemistry education in the 4.0 industrial era was functioned intensively to develop 4C skills, namely critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.


To meet the demands and the needs of skills in the 4.0 industrial revolution era, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and the Natural Science, State University of Surabaya organize the National Seminar on Chemistry and Learning in 2019. This seminar is expected to be a communication exists among researchers, teachers, lecturers, and practitioners performing active roles in order to advance and develop science and technology in the fields of Chemistry and Chemistry Education in Indonesia. Based on this background, this National Chemistry Seminar in 2019 chose a theme “The Role of Chemistry and Its Learning to Improve Skills of the 21st Century in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era”


The articles in SNK 2020 include researches in Chemistry and Chemistry Education:

  • New Energy and Renewable Energy
  • Material Chemistry
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Natural Product Chemistry and Synthesis Organic Chemistry
  • Cosmetical Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry Education